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fin fin friendsWhen we first looked at the Fin Fin friends we thought they were a blatant copy of the Zoobles but we couldn’t have been more wrong. The WowWee alive collection which brought us the Alive Mini lifelike furry animals has actually brought us something really rather special.

We think the Fin Fin friends are going to be one of the hottest toys this year, so as with our recommendations for Squinkies we suggest that you buy early to ensure that you don’t miss out altogether or end up paying a very high price as they become almost impossible to find. Let’s take a look at what is on offer for the Fin Fin Friends action figures:

Fin Fin Fish Toy

Take a look at everything available, and you will find that first of all it is the Fin Fin Friends WowWee Fish for sale that are first on the list to get.

These come in cheap Fin Fin Friends packs with a cool little fishy of choice, Fin Fin Catfish, Fin Fin Dogfish, Fin Fin Orca Whale, Fin Fin Snorkel Fish………….. Where is the Fin Fin Friends WowWee Goldfish?

Well, we are sure that you get the idea. Each cheap pack (at time of writing) comes with a cool number of extras. Let’s take the WowWee Alive Fin Fin Friends Accessory Pack with Snorkel Fish as an example. You get the little fish, a sticker pack, a bridge to connect aquariums, seaweed, a rubber float or three and lots of fishy fun. Very different to the Zoobles we mentioned at the beginning.

The Fin Fin Friends come alive the more you interact with them. With hundreds of movements they love to dance and play and swim around. They react to feeding time and the more they are played with the more they grow and come alive. It is hard to imagine all this when you see the packs so be sure to buy one to see just how clever these fish really are. They are at home in real water and ideally will need a house to live in. Don’t believe it? Take a look below.

Fin Fin Friends Video

See why we think you should buy them early? The Fin Fin Toy Fish are going to be very popular and at the very least they are going to be hard to find anywhere.

Pick your fish and then pick your Fin Fin Friends aquarium, there are a number to choose from.

Fin Fin Friends Playsets

fin fin playsetThere are a few Fin Fin Friends aquariums and playsets to choose from. From Fin Fin Friends aquariums with slides that we fill with water and send the kids wild, especially at feeding time, to skate parks, Fin Fin Friends Treehouse  more.

View all available Fin Fin Friends and accessories (while stock lasts)

Buy them early and the kids are going to be absolutely delighted. We can’t believe how these small fish manage to be so interactive.

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