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Xia-Xia™ Pets

It is honestly not that often we get really excited about a new toy release, we see so many. But the Xia Xia pets, or Xia Xia crabs, are a fantastic new release. A cheap price means that we can buy one of the little Xia Xia hermit crabs and delight the kids. 4 are currently available and they really do have a lot going for them, which we will see in just a moment.

Buy Xia Xia Hermit Crabs

If you want to know where to buy Xia Xia pets then you need look no further. Our favorite supplier has the best price Xia Xia crabs and you can guarantee they will be shipped in record time.

So, what exactly are the Xia Xia pets? Pronounced Sha Sha bu the way.

What They Do?

These are fun little hermit crabs that scuttle about in all manner of directions. Made by Sepia, the company that brought us the amazing Zhu Zhu pets, they work in a nice simple fashion.

We push on their claw and this sets them off scuttling all over the place at a break-neck speed.

What We Get When We Buy Xia Xia Crabs

We get to pick the crab we want and they each come with their own little hermit crab shell.

Plus they each come with their own little personal buddy as well. Their little friend hitches a ride on their back or under their shell. The great thing abut these toys, and what makes them really rather unique, is the fact that they can each wear a different shell. There are a number of different shells to buy and they all fit each and every Xia Xia crab.

The kids will delight in this as it allows them to swap and collect not only the crabs but the shells with friends. It also makes them more interesting and keeps them involved.

There are also a number of play-sets to buy as well, and these environments are available at a great price too. Click the discount button above for all products currently available.

Buy Early

You may or may not remember the Zhu Zhu pets craze a few years ago. At its height they were so scarce that prices went up almost to ten times the original, something no-one had any control over. To avoid this situation it is best to buy these crabs as early as possible. They will either be un-available or very expensive close to the end of the year so to avoid high costs or missing out entirely get them now.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Xia Xia Pets Review

These are definitely going to be the must have toy this year. And as stated they are more than likely going to become very scarce. This review sums up these little crabs perfectly:

Xia-Xia is the must have toy for this Christmas!!!

Mrs. Kurzu sums it up perfectly!

Xia Xia Video Commercial

Great fun.

The kids are simply going to be delighted when they get one of these great toys this year. Don’t forget to buy early so you don’t miss out, the Xia Xia pets are going to be the most popular toy of the year.


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