Zhu Zhu Pets Wet Suit And Swim Mask Zhu Zhu Pets Wetsuit Outfit

Buy The Zhu Zhu Pets Wet Suit with Goggles For A Super Low Price

Well, the Zhu Zhu Pets have done it again. This time the zhu zhu costumes extends to a zhu zhu pets wet suit outfit with a swim mask as well. Just be sure the kids don’t take it too literally and put them in the bath for a swim.

With the zhu zhu babies already having been released we are now seeing many zhu zhu costumes as well. We have a hula outfit, a sundress costume for zhu zhu hamsters and more. The wet suit is a nice extra addition and for cheap toys the outfits are a great way to dress up the most popular furry toys we have ever seen.

As nearly all children already have at least a few hamsters now it is little surprise that sales are already soaring for the many costumes. The kids love trying the costumes on all the characters that they own to see who looks best in what. Easy to put on and take off we are sure to see even more being released pretty soon.

The zhu zhu wet suit and mask is a great addition but we must say that parents need to explain it is just for fun and not to be put on and then taken for a swim, the batteries will be less than happy about it. The outfits are cheap enough so that you can buy a few and then see which character fits them the best, or get an outfit for each character that the kids own. If they only have one then they can have a great time changing the zhu pets outfits for different occasions.

The zhu zhu pets wetsuit is a great addition to the range and we are sure that any young child will be pleased to own this latest great costume.


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